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Late Life Field Operations

ICR’s Integrity Monitoring team support clients operating assets during late life.

Not only can we help to ensure these assets are safe to continue operating but through the use of a number of preventative and remedial solutions, we can also extend the life of assets.

Our integrity engineers can proactively inject sealant into heavy duty covers, and through the leak paths of the carrier plug, which will effectively decommission specific locations no longer required to operate.  This is a semi-permanent solution which can be removed in future if corrosion monitoring was again required at these locations.

On assets which have extensive numbers of access fittings this can help reduce the number of fittings required for routine service each year and assist in refining monitoring workscopes towards key areas during late life operations.

This service can also tie into our onsite machining service where any access fitting in poor condition can be refurbished, with seized covers and carrier plugs removed and replaced, prior to sealant injection and decommissioning.

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