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Conductor & Caisson Monitoring Strings

ICR has developed a novel and innovative approach to monitoring corrosion profiles within conductors and caissons.

No other single monitoring technique is available on the market to deliver corrosion, pitting and microbial data to provide confidence in the condition and integrity of conductors and caissons.

By using traditional coupon monitoring techniques and attaching them to a steel wire string which is sent down the conductor or caisson, we can provide corrosion profiles up to 100m in depth as well as help to identify inspection requirements. 

ICR has the ability to deliver corrosion and pitting rate analysis providing valuable data that can identify changes and or differences in corrosion and pitting rates as well as microbial data throughout the depth of the conductor or caisson.  Furthermore, this safe and efficient method can pinpoint specific areas at risk and determine areas for remedial action required to ensure the integrity of the well, including inspection, maintenance, biocide dosing etc. 

ICR supports clients to enable their conductors and caisson to operate continuously and efficiently.  We provide a life of field solution to proactively monitor the condition and using this preventative approach, ICR can help clients stay head of the game when it comes to conductor and caisson integrity.  


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