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ICR takes a fresh approach to integrity and maintenance associated services. With a strong business model to build a business of scale and longevity, ICR will grow to become a group of companies that can offer an unrivalled expertise in a broad range of integrity and maintenance services. This means delivering services that are aligned to what clients need, creating value and offering them safer, smarter solutions for their integrity and maintenance issues.

Delivering what customers need sometimes means having to do things differently. The culture of safety and innovation within ICR encourages employees to find new and effective ways to maximise value to customers. Our approach places a high priority on innovative thinking, defining the most appropriate tools and techniques, and modifying existing systems or developing new solutions so they deliver exactly what our customers need.

Innovations devised and developed by ICR companies give our customers a wider range of options for their asset integrity issues. The benefits to our customers are direct cost or time savings made possible by the technologies or more efficient working methods we devise.